Keynote Topics

OWNING CHANGE: The Essential Ingredients to Empower Self-Directed Change 

The world is changing at a rapid rate, which presents unprecedented opportunity for businesses and individuals to thrive… but these opportunities are wasted if people aren’t self-directed and poised to action them. Instead, constant change quickly becomes chronic pain causing burnout and high turnover.

Our job as leaders is to minimise pain and maximise opportunity – this is when change becomes growth

The companies that empower their people to grow with them toward a shared vision will future-proof them against the inevitable challenges that will emerge and drive a culture of energised, resourceful and invested people, who powerfully contribute to the future.  

This talk explores why some people use their new-found power to change the world in ways we can only imagine, while others are stagnant, or worse. Despite great knowledge and opportunity, many fail to create important change in their own life, let alone in the world. Imagine if we could flip this dynamic – where not just the exceptional, but everyone, fulfilled their potential. Imagine what we could create. 

The audience will gain awareness of how change is impacting them and be introduced to the Tripowerment framework – highlighting the three essential ingredients that separate those who thrive from those who don’t– self-determination (whypower), self-discipline (willpower) and self-efficacy (waypower). 

Until now, we’ve lacked a usable framework for people to solve their own problems and unleash their potential onto the world.

STRESS POSITIVE: How to Thrive with Stress, Not Just Survive It 

Stress and burnout is consistently cited as one of the biggest threats facing the health, wellbeing and performance of businesses today. The real problem is that in professional environments, it is not realistic to eliminate stress nor, in many instances, even reduce it.  

Stress goes hand-in-hand with completing meaningful and challenging work and sending the message that the only way (or best way) to manage stress is to reduce it is one of the most disempowering messages out there.

Stress is not going anywhere. If anything, stress will intensify as the future becomes even more uncertain. 

In this talk, Alison will shed light on new research that proves our beliefs about stress are more dangerous than stress itself and share mindset interventions to transform stress from STRESS NEGATIVE - a threat that drains, restricts and sabotages performance; to STRESS POSITIVE - a challenge that drives us to engage, connect and grow.

This talk is peppered with breakthrough scientific research and real stories of high performers who learned to thrive with stress - including personal stories from Alison as an elite basketballer and experiences of building business from the ground up in Sydney, London and New York.